About what you know about down products

  Feather feather products are its light, soft, warm and excellent characteristics and moderate prices favored by consumers. However, do you really understand the down products?
  Are birds feathers infected with avian influenza viruses and are they safe?
  At present, China's down products production process, product quality ahead of other countries. According to the process, all the collected feathers are washed first and then steamed at 120 ° C for 30 minutes (the avian influenza virus can be killed at 2 minutes at 70 ° C). In addition, the current domestic products are well-known down duvet collection base, will not be collected may carry avian flu down production. Therefore, the formal channels to buy the feather products is safe.
  What is the antibacterial velvet?
  In recent years, there are some down jacket manufacturers to launch "anti-bacterial" down jacket. "Anti-bacterial cashmere" is in the down raw materials by adding a "antibacterial" effect of chemical additives. However, the current market of antimicrobial bacteriostatic agents, one without standard, two did not use the method, three no timeliness instructions, four no scientific experimental data to confirm its antibacterial antibacterial effect on the down materials and the human body and other injuries. Therefore, the China Down Industry Association on July 20, 2006 issued a "to stop speculation" anti-bacterial cashmere down jacket "notice.
  How to choose down clothing?
  In the purchase of down clothing should pay attention to the following aspects. Outer layer: the general use of high strength, high density nylon, have a coating but not necessarily waterproof. Mainly check the exposed condition. For example, the needle is not widened or modified by the line, stitching the line is tight, if it is foreign trade, all suture needle pitch is the same (cuffs, collar and mouth of the open line except). Inside: should be two layers, close to that layer does not matter what material, the key is in it there should be a layer of non-woven, is designed to prevent the leakage of cash. Signs: regular products have signs, in the purchase of down jacket, you must carefully read the logo logo, the general fill the formal logo for the "cashmere down feather species", such as "90% gray duck down" "70% white goose down". For the same kind of raw materials, the quality of high-quality cash is relatively better. Fluffy: you can first hand pinch, large stems and more description of hairs and more, small stems and more said that the high cashmere, no stems may be more velvet, hair and cashmere warm performance is not high. With both hands together pressure, swelling back quickly explain the fluffy, warm will be better.
  How should the down jacket should be washed and maintained?
  Detergent: Choose a special cleaning products for feather clothing, such as mild surfactant, which can effectively remove the dirt and odor of the down jacket (preferably with phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, and other ingredients), so do not stimulate the skin, not Damage down and clothing fabrics.
  Washing method: down clothing washing avoid alkaline, avoid vigorously rub, avoid twist twist, bogey open fire baking. Recommended washing method is, first down jacket in cold water for 2 minutes. Take two tablespoons of detergent into the 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ of water in the mix, soak down jacket for 5 minutes to 10 minutes after the removal, tiled on a clean platen, with a soft brush dipped in washing liquid from the inside to the outside gently Scrubbed, then rinsed twice in warm water at 30 ° C and rinsed three times in water to remove the detergent residue.
  Drying: After draining moisture with a dry towel, place it in the sun or in a ventilated place. Finally, with a stick gently tapping the clothing side, so that down jacket to restore the original fluffy soft state.

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