How does the weather pick up the maintenance down jacket?

  With the weather getting warmer, in winter and spring to send a large use of the down jacket have to be gradually into the large wardrobe to wear the next year. So, how to keep the maintenance down jacket? Guangzhou Procter & Gamble company fabric care category R & D vice president Bruno for you Weapon:
  Possession: clean down jacket with breathable items wrapped, such as finishing bags, can also be placed in a camphor ball to prevent insects, and then stored in a ventilated wardrobe can be dry, pay attention to the above do not subject to pressure. Currently on the market there are vacuum compressed down jacket, recommended only as a temporary use, can not be placed in the compressed bag storage, long-term compression will make the feather or warm layer of elasticity, thereby reducing the thermal performance.
  Dry: summer and autumn after the rainy season, then the down jacket out of a dry air to prevent mildew; if found mildew, cotton pad can be used to wipe the alcohol, and then clean the wet towel clean.
  Wear: In view of the characteristics of the main down jacket for the ice, down jacket in the seams is no pressure plastic, and can not be completely waterproof, so do not wear out jacket in the rain directly.
  Fill: When the down jacket on the hole, can be found in the same color with the down jacket nail polish or colorless nail polish gently coated layer, the hole will be sealed, down will not drill.

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